Monday, October 8, 2012

Sally Cowan - Yankee Lady (Private Press, 1976)

This private press came out of Lincoln, Nebraska. Yankee Lady, like plenty of other albums by aspiring folk singers from the seventies, contains covers of distinguished artists like Joni Mitchell, Jesse Winchester, and Guy Clark. Sally Cowan sings and occasionally plays rhythm guitar, with accompaniment by a slew of Nebraskan musicians. There's no digital trace of Cowan on the web, but a few other performers on the album can be traced to current bands based in or around Nebraska: Doug Dickeson plays lead guitar on a few tracks; Steve Hanson and Gary Howe play on two country/bluegrass number. The four tracks on the A side have bare instrumentation and a folk sound typical of the times. The B side features the bluegrass-oriented instrumentation, yielding a country sound. This is a pretty hard album to find on vinyl, and you won't see it on disc, so download it here.


  1. Hi there. Just want to drop a line of thankfulness for your efforts. I stumbled upon your blog via the Robbie Basho post whom I had just recently discovered through a friend. Sharing music that'd be forgotten otherwise is one of the nice things the internet does for us... Listening to some of the things you've uploaded now. Thx again

  2. I actually have this Album still wrapped in the Original Plastic - Unopened. And I'd like to sell it if anyone is interested... reply this post with your email and we can try to figure something out...