Friday, October 5, 2012

Rich Kirby & Michael Kline - They Can't Put It Back (June Appal Recordings, 1977)

June Appal Recordings was established in 1974 to distribute music from Central Appalachia. It is a faction of Appalshop, a multimedia and education center located in Kentucky. Appalshop produces film, theater, music and multimedia centered around Appalachian culture. They Can't Put It Back is an anthology of mining songs and a rare piece of 70's Americana. Most of the songs are ballads that reflect the struggles of mining towns and their inhabitants. I've included scans of the accompanying book and insert. Download it here.


  1. Hi there, not sure if comments are read at all or generaly ignored since much of it is probably spam... In any case, wanted to let you know that your efforts to upload this music do not go unnoticed. I have been listening to several of your uploads from both of your blogs and have grown love love some of them very much - especially this one, the album by janet smith and the bill fontana fog horn project from your other blog. Including a link to the appalachian store was a good idea, too. I've just ordered a copy of "They can't put it back" of the vinyl reissue they offer.

    Thanks again for your efforts, would like to hear more from your fine collection if you find the time to upload,


    1. Hey Bastian,

      Thanks for the feedback. I'm really glad to hear my work is appreciated. Also glad to hear that you ordered a copy of this record. I always hope people will support the original artist, and as in this case, organization. It's true, I have taken a brief hiatus from transferring records while I augment my setup. I have a backlog of records for both blogs, and I will begin transferring them soon, so stay tuned!

  2. Great to hear, although I know ripping vinyl is sometimes time-consuming... Looking forward to new things.